Gizmox’s Visual WebGui becomes a Microsoft Cloud Computing Enabler

July 14, 2009- Tel Aviv, Israel- Gizmox,, announces today that its flagship product Visual WebGui, the rich Internet application platform, now enables customers to build and deploy applications to Microsoft’s cloud computing environment, Windows Azure. With the use of Visual WebGui, Gizmox will demonstrate to customers and partners an extremely fast and low-cost method to port line of business (LOB) applications to the cloud at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in New Orleans.

Simple Cloud Migration
Visual WebGui creates native applications with Windows Azure that can run on the cloud and enables the migration of on-premises LOB applications to the cloud without rewrite – saving enterprises huge costs in development and deployment time.

Familiar User Experience
Visual WebGui’s unique IP architecture allows users accustomed to on-premise LOB applications to retain their development skills and user experience when porting UI’s to the cloud. Visual WebGui applications running on Windows Azure look, feel, and behave like their on-premise counterparts.

Runtime Benefits
Once on Windows Azure, the VWG application UI is virtualized and streamed to any standard browser or device. Visual WebGui’s virtualization technology dramatically reduces customers’ cloud bandwidth and CPU usage, offering a more cost effective runtime environment for native Azure applications.

Michael Maggs, Senior Director of Partner Strategy & Business Development for Microsoft Windows Azure said, “We see a tremendous value in working together with Gizmox on the Visual WebGui offering for Windows Azure customers. Enabling line of business applications for customers is a strategic direction for us, and is well aligned with the Windows Azure long-term strategy.”

“We are proud to bring Visual WebGui’s RIA development technology to cloud computing with the collaboration of Microsoft’s Windows Azure ,” says Navot Peled, CEO and founder of Gizmox. “The ease and speed of developing with Visual WebGui, combined with our bullet-proof security and responsive UI, gives customers unparalleled advantages when creating native Windows Azure applications on the Visual WebGui platform.”

About Visual WebGui
Visual WebGui is the first RIA development and deployment platform to extend desktop power to the Internet atop the .NET Framework. Visual WebGui allows users to build more powerful, rich and fast UI’s using control and theme designers and the Drag & Drop visual form designer to deploy to the Web or Cloud as AJAX or Microsoft Silverlight UIs. Developing Web applications in Visual WebGui provides no learning curve for Microsoft Windows developers who feel more at home programming in Visual Basic, C#, and other desktop native programs, cutting development time up to a proven 90 percent. More than 35,000 VWG applications have been built, and are in production, at enterprises such as SAP, IBM, Israel Aerospace Industry, leading insurance companies, government offices, and multi-national companies such as Visa, Stainly, Trysis, NetworkD, Net Size, American File Net, Phoenix insurance company, Blue Phoenix, Texas Instrument and many more.

About Gizmox
Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui platform and a member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Industry Partner (VSIP) program, was founded in July 2007. Gizmox enables Web-like desktop platform; its SDK has been downloaded by more than 350,000 individuals and software houses with more than 35,000 active community members. The company is funded by Venture Capital and private investors. It’s one of the founders and active chairman of the board is Professor Arie Scope founder of Microsoft’s Israel subsidiary, and its former General Manager and Chairman for 16 years.