Stockholm a major European city

These days if you visit any of the major European cities, you’ll more than likely find yourself graced with a fantastic range of shops, the finest of dining experiences at your disposal, luxurious hotels and truly breathtaking architecture. But what truly separates Stockholm from the rest is its stunning natural beauty, which it has maintained as it has kept up with modern trends. Not only does it boast beauty but the city has an almost indefinable character and vibe to it—Stockholm is synonymous with the international club and music scenes, and one need only take a glance around them upon arrival to know that the city has had and still upholds an eclectic cultural persona.

And the beauty of sight-seeing in Stockholm is that nearly all of its outstanding, must-see features are accessible on foot, which means you can take things at your own pace and stop for a while to truly appreciate some of the natural and architectural feats the city has to offer—for the ultimate Stockholm experience, why not jump on one of the various boat rides that travel on different routes around the city, giving you a different perspective on the Archipelago. Three of the city’s main attractions appear on the World Heritage List and are definitely worth a visit, these being Skogskyrkogården (the city’s Woodland Cemetery), Drottningholm Palace and Birka, a Viking remain on the island of Björkö— be sure to have your camera or mobile at the ready, as these sites are guaranteed to make beautiful and unique pictures and are perfect postcard material! If you have a Vodafone mobile phone you have the power to kill two birds with one stone with Vodafone Postcard, as you can keep the picture on your phone to remind you of your Stockholm stay but you can also send the picture to Vodafone who will print the picture onto a postcard for you and send it onto the recipient for as little as £1.50 (including postage). Take a peek at their site to find the latest phones, such as the HTC Desire.

And when you find all that sight–seeing has worked up an appetite and a thirst, you’ll be pleased to know that Stockholm is now acclaimed as having a reputation for taking a dynamic and exciting approach towards food and the dining experience. Stockholm is definitely a city which makes you feel welcome, its ‘all-inclusive’ attitude means that families don’t have to worry about taking children along with them, and in addition to its lively nightlife, Stockholm also has a very open-minded gay scene. The city’s status in the design world plays an integral role with regards to its shopping scene, and as such it is often dubbed ‘Shopholm’.