CovertCandy – The free way to a new wardrobe!

Beat the credit crunch the eco way and still look as stylish as ever!

So, you’re skint but not skint enough to go down the unethical Primark route. You don’t want to be wearing that same top as the girl on the other side of the bar… you need a place to find stylish clothes for free. Where would such a thing exist… well here we are! CovertCandy is an online clothing exchange website that allows its users to be ethically sound and stay as fashionable as ever! Recycled fashion never looked so good! You don’t even need the bus fare, just log on and get shopping!
The site works on a credit system. Users set up accounts and upload photos of the clothes they want to sell for credits, one credit being the same value as one pound. When they sell their clothes, they rack up credits and can then purchase other users stylish clothes! The site is great because it’s not about direct swapping. You can swap clothes with anyone meaning anything you want can be yours!
Set up by four likeminded guys, CovertCandy is aimed at the sustainable fashion consumer in all of us. They describe how CovertCandy is sustainable, “Sustainability is about creating processes that have the ability to maintain themselves indefinitely. Because nothing is produced on CovertCandy it is a sustainable fashion platform.”
CovertCandy has had a great response since only starting in January 2009, with their user numbers growing rapidly.

And with a growing interest from across the pond, CovertCandy is looking set to expand into a global brand.
Apart from being a great site for ethical reasons, it’s the perfect way to beat those credit crunch blues! In fact The Independent even lists as the 7th best credit crunch site, with EBay being just 6th.

Wallet Pop says, “I love the idea of the site. It’s much better than having to spend money listing your items on eBay, and it feels a little bit like a private club at the moment.”
A great way to get rid of those clothes you don’t want anymore, without the guilt of adding another sack to the ever growing landfill sites. Nope, instead, you get new clothes, new friends and all for free!