Central Reykjavik hotels the best way to live Iceland

20797-689The middle of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city is renowned for its lively culture, its art and music and its energetic weekend nightlife. Before arrival, visitors to Iceland often forget how much better it is to stay downtown and not to get stuck in the middle of suburban nowhere.

A group of Reykjavik hotels calling itself Center Hotels has built up a network of great hotels downtown in the Icelandic capital to ensure their guests can enjoy Reykjavik at its most vibrant. The chain allows visitors to enjoy the best of Icelandic culture without the hassle of going back to the hotel early on buses, paying for expensive taxis or driving themselves and not being allowed a beer or two.

At this time of year more than ever, a good downtown Reykjavik hotel is integral to getting the most out of your stay. That is because Reykjavik’s famous Culture Night is just around the corner and the large Reykjavik Jazz Festival has already begun.

Culture Night (Menningarnott) is happening this year on Saturday 22nd August and is the official celebration of Reykjavik’s birthday. The whole day of celebrations includes hundreds of shows, exhibitions and demonstrations, as well as the Reykjavik Marathon and a huge fireworks display.

Also taking place is the international Reykjavik Jazz Festival which is going ahead for the 20th time. The big anniversary means the festival is running a special 20-day long run of live music and other events, starting on 13 August. Any fan of jazz will find something special going on every evening in Café Rosenberg and other city centre venues.

The Reykjavik Center Hotels chain is made up of five completely unique, but high quality places to stay in the trendy Reykjavik 101 postal district. Describing each in a few words can help paint a picture; but a visit to the website is the best way to decide which suits you best.

Hotel Klopp is youthful, intimate and cool. Hotel Skjaldbreid is laid-back, bright and unpretentious. Hotel Plaza is a modern, traditional and friendly Reykjavik hotel. Hotel Thingholt on the other hand is über-cool: a design hotel inspired by Iceland’s nature and folklore. And Hotel Arnarhvoll is another super chic design hotel whose décor is only surpassed by the stunning sea views.

Reykjavik Center Hotels don’t stop at providing a good night’s sleep. They also strive to provide good things to eat: Hotel Arnarhvoll’s Panorama Restaurant and Domo at Hotel Thingholt are two of Reykjavik’s most respected eateries.

For further details on how to find your ideal Reykjavik hotel, visit www.centerhotels.com