Day Tours in Iceland from Center Hotels in Reykjavik

center hotels logoInstead of worrying about local bus timetables, paying high costs for taxis, or even renting a car and sitting in rush hour traffic going to and from the city, why not just stay in the city center of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik? The traveler can always book fantastic day tours in Iceland and around the country from Center Hotels in Reykjavik, while enjoying a night out in the city center when they return from the tour. Even a tour to the Blue Lagoon can be arranged easily by Center Hotels and will have you back in the city for a fine dinner.

There are also many attractions in the city centre of Reykjavik. The heart of Iceland‘s capital city is centralized around the downtown area. Downtown Reykjavik is easily explored by foot and Laugavegur, the main shopping street, offers stores and shops for all kinds of travelers. There aremusic stores, book shops, toy stores, and plenty of clothing stores. The Blue Lagoon shop is located right across the street from Reykjavik Center Hotel Skjaldbreid giving the traveler a more convenient shopping experience for Iceland’s most popular attraction.

What about day tours? Iceland’s Golden Circle tours can be booked from Center Hotels as well as many other fascinating day tours in Iceland. The waterfalls, geysers, and glaciers can take a day’s time but when you return you will wind up in your hotel right in the city center of Reykjavik, allowing you to end your evening over a relaxing dinner, a drink, or even a walk in the city and near the pond.

Hotel Klopp in the Center Hotels fleet, offers a beautiful view across the street to Arnarholl, a large open park area offering a lovely view over the city as well as the sea. Hotel Klopp is less than a minute’s walk from the National Theater, allowing the traveler to catch a local show taking in an Icelandic cultural experience.

The Hotel Plaza is walking distance from many more shops, restaurants, and the beautiful pond. Near the pond, which is not more than a two or three minute walk, is the Reykjavik City Hall which has a large 3D map of Iceland inside as well as art exhibitions.

No matter which hotel you finally decide to choose in the Center Hotel fleet, they will all offer an experience that will complete your vacation to Iceland. The downtown area is definitely the happening place in Reykjavik, and Center Hotels can provide an absolutely pleasant accommodation in Iceland to enjoy the shops and attractions that Reykjavik has to offer.

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