Online backup from SecurStore receives glowing review

securestore-randA high profile pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare sales and supplies business has decided to state publicly its high level of satisfaction with SecurStore online backup technology.

A large customer working with SecurStore, Veritas Capital has decided to officially recommend SecurStore online data backup to other companies around the world.

Veritas Capital is the parent company of Vistor, a prominent healthcare and pharmaceutical products marketing company; Distica, the largest distributor of healthcare and pharmaceutical products in Iceland; Artasan, a growing OTC pharmaceutical and food supplement provider; and Ritara, a provider of electronic medical records. Veritas Capital has been using SecurStore online backup for a number of years for its total operation. Whether it is providing a contracted sales force or designated sales representative, or taking care of imports, logistics and distribution, Veritas Capital, together with its subsidiaries, is the partner of choice for a range of companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.

Hreggvidur Jonsson, the owner and CEO of Veritas Capital said: “As a company playing an integral part in the general health of a whole nation, Veritas Capital needs top of the line backup and recovery services. When we came across SecurStore they ticked all the boxes of our needs both on the security site and the operational site. With recent developments, such as backup archiving, VMware backup, message level restore and many more features, the value for money has increased. Every day in our operation we are under constant scrutiny, both from our suppliers and governmental agencies; so we cannot take any risks. SecurStore provides us with the necessary comfort regarding the health of our data.”

“Veritas Capital has been with SecurStore from the early days,” says Orn Gunnarsson, the CEO of SecurStore. “We are extremely proud to have a company of such status among our clients, which once again exemplifies the quality of the service and support that SecurStore can offer its clients which in many cases have versatile needs.”

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