Handheld Dual RFID and Barcode UTE Reader/Writer

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. (GAORFID.com)

has released a high performance RFID UTE handheld reader/writer, which operates at a frequency of 13.56MHz and supports tags compliant with ISO15693 or ISO 14443A/B. The barcode reader/writer is equipped with both SDRAM and Flash ROM, each with a memory capacity of 64MB, allowing massive information input and processing. Its large color backlit LCD touch panel, finished with reflective TFT, offers clear display of data. This reader/writer is used extensively for the purpose of access control, asset tracking, warehouse management, and livestock tagging. It is, in particular, an ideal solution for healthcare applications such as in hospitals and nursing homes.
The RFID UTE handheld reader/writer, model 223003, features the very latest technology to optimize data collection capabilities. It is integrated with a Unitech RH767 rugged mobile computer. The compact and lightweight design ensures mobility and agility to users. The estimated battery life, between charges, of the reader/writer is twelve hours for UHF modules and twenty hours for HF modules.
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