New Flying Banner styles for a hot summer promotion developed

In present market situation, marketers are more concern about conversation of media expenditure into sales revenue in shortest time interval. As a result, companies are pulling out their hands from traditional mar-com channels and out of home activity, especially signage like feather flags have become another avenue to reach their branding destination. Feather flags have brought a colorful fiesta in the industry of display materials.

According to the users feather flags is capable to drag more attention among the audience even if the point of sales is located in high traffic road or clumsy corner of a trade fair. Companies across industries are using feather flags as it is cost effective and easy to use. Feather flags are useful in different out door events to bring a striking display. It is a great idea to use decorated feather flags in events like trade fairs, promotion in shopping mall, temporary stalls or in any other events like sales meet.
“In global market the demand for feather flags are increasing day by day and the users appreciating this initiative as they have found it creative and cost effective. With all available market cues we are sure that feather flag is here to stay.”- replied Mr. Goch,M.D, Easydisplay International Co. Ltd. when being asked about the demand and future of feather flags.
Easy SailBanner, one of the leading brands of feather flag, is made of flexible yet strong materials. The flag is available in three different sizes depending on the measurement of the graphic size. The smaller flags are very handy for indoor events while the medium and large are known for their outstanding visibility in open ground or roadside. The flag stands straight on ground or floor on its cross base which gives a continuous support even in a windy environment. Other bases like ground spike, metal base are also available to cater the specific demand of the user. A complete unit is compact enough to fit neatly into a transport bag.
Easydisplay International Co. Ltd. is a forerunner in the global signage material industry. With clients from different countries across globe, their feather flag, Easy SailBanner is carrying the winners proud in various marketing battle field.