The next version of Anova- opens up new dimensions for all knowledge sharing scripts

Chennai, India, September 05, 2009 – The much awaited which contains ASP.NET has finally been released and it contains a bunch of fresh new features making a lot easier to use and not to mention is exceedingly efficient.

ASP.NET was initially released when the web pages which were used before the internet services were introduced contained a lot of static and needed to be regularly modified. ASP.NET then performed these functions and started making using large applications extremely easy.

Using ASP.NET has proven to be very simple to execute any task ranging from simple common activities to larger applications. The presence of .Net reduces the number of codes needed to make larger applications. This also simplifies the development side of the process as it based on an event driven server side programming mode.

The pages with .Net have a lot of power and flexibility as the course code is executed on the server. Moreover as the configuration information is built in, ASP.NET makes it easy for deployment. It also maintains high security for all the applications and finally continuously monitors all the processes and replaces one of the processes if they fail to function.

All this and more are all part of Anova’s new version- This new software enables simple yet efficient knowledge sharing, with its audio and video answering systems, user friendly admin interface, SEO friendly URLs, tag clouds, profile avatars and many such exciting prospects.

“Our latest version of Anova guarantees satisfaction to all our customers who have been using Anova and to all the other users who have been looking for the perfect knowledge sharing software” says Ms Sheerin Vice President of Marketing & Sales of Agriya Infoway. For more information visit:

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Agriya, a web development company has released Anova in .Net version to open up new dimensions for development of knowledge sharing scripts in the field of information technology.

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