Why digital marketers need to be tweeting!

Recent research shows that Twitter has over 1 million users and broadcasts over 3 million messages everyday. 17% of UK firms are on Twitter and 6000 new firms join each day.

Twitter is fast becoming the most popular marketing tool, but you must do it right by following ‘Twitter etiquette’ .To help you do just that, Knexus Digital has developed a social media programme of content looking specifically at how Twitter can support and improve marketers manage their social media messages and use the free tool to garner important PR campaigns.

This content delivers the latest insights and market intelligence on Twitter in conjunction with leading industry experts – Mark Rogers (Market Sentinel), Katy Howell (Immediate Future) and Joe Pulizzi (Junta 42). The content is available On Demand via video, PDFs and downloadable podcasts.

Marketers looking for insights on using Twitter in a compelling way for their marketing messages can view Knexus Digital’s insights here. Email brook.minto@knexusgroup.com to find out more.

Alternatively, if you’d like to know how Knexus Digital helps companies to maximize marketing team performance for a digital marketing success, you can request an online demo (knexusgroup.com/request_demo).