Versatile E1 Service Tester Packed with Rich Features

Toronto, Canada -GAO Comm has released its versatile E1 service tester, a handheld test device intended for installation, acceptance and maintenance testing of digital transmission systems. The tester performs channel testing,alarm analysis,fault detection and signal analysis of E1 (2Mb/s) lines.

GAO Comm’s E1 service tester, model 2120,is one of the most popular E1 test devices.It monitors any voice channel at a receiving terminal and measures signal voltage and frequency at the same time.It displays the status of a transmission circuit and effectively identifies cable faults.The Test Manager Software suite shipped with the E1 tester allows for analysis of tests and measurements,as well as result archiving and printout; the tester connects to a PC via a serial port.The E1 service tester’s durable and handheld design makes it easy to carry out on-the-spot measurements.

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