Lamy Pens – J M Pennifeather Sell A Huge Range Of Lamy Pens

J M Pennifeather have been selling Lamy Pens for around twenty years. We stock the LAmy 2000, Agenda, Alstar, CP1, Dialog, IT, Joy, Pico, Safari, Linea, Logo, Nexx, Noto, Pickup, Scribble, Spirit, Accent, Studio, Swift, Tipo, Vista, ST, 4 Pen, ABC.

Pen types include ballpoint pens rollerballs fountain pens and mechancial pencils.We stock the full catalogue of Lamy pens in a range of colours/materials: Blue, Red, Yellow, Black. Aluminium Platinum, Fibre Glass, Titanium, Steel.

At J M Pennifeather we love the Lamy Pen Brand as it has been practicaland innovative in it’s design since it’s inception. Lamy pens are possibly the best designer pen brand in the world when you take everything into account, deisgn, funcionality, price, quality.

Visit our London pen shop or buy via our pen website to experience Lamy for yourself.

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