Vitronic Delivers Efficient Solution

Three camera-based VIPAC parcel recognition units from Vitronic enable Korea Post’s distribution centre in Incheon, South Korea, to sort import and export shipments automatically at high speed. This means quicker delivery times and improved customer satisfaction. In addition, Korea Post benefits from lower costs achieved through increased efficiency.

Korea Post manages Korea’s postal services, including general mail and parcels, registered deliveries, postal savings, and postal insurance. It operates eight regional communications offices spread across the country, and has post offices in nearly 4,000 locations. Korea Post handles thousands of letters and parcels every day, and its distribution centres must perform efficiently.Each VIPAC unit at Korea Post’s Incheon facility uses a single camera to capture photographic images of barcodes on the top side of items, which travel through on a powered sorter conveyor. The system interprets these with computer software, and then instructs the sorter to send packages to specific destinations. VIPAC archives all captured images, allowing Korea Post to track export shipments.

If barcodes do not contain enough information for definitive sorting, VIPAC sends their images via a high-speed network to one of ten videocoding terminals where operators manually input additional details. This allows Korea Post Incheon to achieve read rates of 100% and process up to 10,125 parcels per hour.

Vitronic’s VIPAC system is popular with parcel handling companies that want to improve speed and efficiency. Camera based, it is capable of optical character recognition. This means that in addition to barcodes, it reads 2D codes, badly damaged or marked codes, supplier numbers, and human written address information. Multiple camera configurations allow VIPAC to identify labels no matter what the orientation of the parcel.

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