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Tommy Hilfiger uses Vitronic’s camera-based recognition system, VIPAC, to read barcodes behind film packaging at its Dutch storage facility in Venlo.

It allows the site to distribute garments efficiently to retail outlets in Europe. Reading codes reliably behind film is difficult to achieve using conventional laser scanners.Established over twenty years ago, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the world’s most recognised premium lifestyle brands. It offers a broad range of high quality products, including men’s, women’s and children’s casual apparel, sportswear, denim, accessories, and fragrances.

VIPAC works by capturing photographic images of parcel labels as items flow through on powered conveyors. The system interprets these images using powerful computer software. VIPAC reads barcodes, 2D codes, text, human written address information, and importantly for Tommy Hilfiger, codes behind film or other reflective packaging.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Venlo facility uses one VIPAC unit that operates over an automated sorter conveyor. It uses just one high-resolution, auto-focus, camera to capture images of the top sides of film-packaged garments travelling at 1.65 metres per second. VIPAC isolates and identifies the barcodes within these images, then instructs the sorter to direct parcels to the correct bay for loading and dispatch.

VIPAC produces excellent read rates and ensures accurate sorting. This means a swift, reliable delivery service for Tommy Hilfiger’s customers. VIPAC allows the Venlo site to process up to 9,900 parcels per hour.

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