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For this, nothing could be easier. Just enter the departure city, such as Kolkata if you are in India. Then type in the city of arrival, such as Bangkok or other destination. You can then select the dates of flight, class, and the number of tickets you want, and then click Send Request and get compared prices from us. You’ll soon be able to explore Bangkok and its environs: Bangkok is a megalopolis Living, modern and dynamic. But the Thai capital also offers visitors a journey At Heart traditions of the country. A Grand Week End For A Living In Thailand will not be too much to relish Ban.

Thailand has a score of airports connected providing domestic flights throughout the country. Departing from Bangkok, the Thai capital at the mouth of the Chao Praya in the Gulf of Siam, you can go to Chiang Mai in the north, Phuket, Pattaya or the islands of Samui in the south. During the flight, you will have time to watch this country as a large water lily whose heart green and mountainous north fits between Burma, Laos and Cambodia and the stem extends south from sandy beaches, islands and coral reefs of the Indian Ocean near Kolkata. Old Siam never colonized, Thailand, the scenery is guaranteed.

Customs Formalities

Visitors may import officially in Thailand a carton of cigarettes and a liter of alcohol. In addition to the landing page of a customs form is returned to the aircraft. Tourists are rarely checked but the officials do not joke with hard or soft drugs, either on arrival or departure – and the Thai prisons deserve their reputation.


No vaccinations are required for travelers coming from Europe. Vaccinations against tetanus and typhoid are recommended. Before leaving on holiday, consider getting vaccinated against the most serious risk that affects travelers from malaria, hepatitis A. The vaccine against hepatitis A, available for adults and for children is effective and tolerated.

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