Teknomek launches tailored web shop for food processing industry

logo-hygienox2Teknomek today launched a specialist food processing Web Shop tailored specifically to the needs of the industry.

The service, accessible on the internet at www.teknomek.co.uk/Sector-shops/Food-Processing/, offers design services, manufacturing services and servicing of specialist food processing stainless steel hygiene furniture and equipment.Teknomek Managing Director Tom Worth said: “Teknomek has been servicing the needs of the Food Processing Industry through its Hygienox® brand since 1987. Over this time we’ve learnt that our customers require a very specific combination of range, quality and price. We’ve therefore taken this step to cater directly for their requirements by opening this specialist Food Processing web shop.”

Customers can visit the Teknomek website at www.teknomek.co.uk, or call to discuss their requirement and request a catalogue on +44 (0) 1603 788833.