Denmark’s Night of Culture event in the heart of Copenhagen

night-of-cultureIn its eleventh consecutive year the annual Danish culture festival, The Night of Culture (Kulturnatten), takes place in the heart of Denmark’s capital city, with over 700 events happening in over 200 institutions throughout the evening.

Every year around mid-October, Copenhagen exhibits the broad cultural landscape that it has to offer at its Night of Culture event. The city streets transform into a labyrinth of cultural events that take place in over 200 museums, churches, exhibition halls, galleries, and political institutions around the city for everyone to enjoy.

More than 100,000 visitors are attracted to the city every year to enjoy and experience all that the festival has to offer. The festival tends to pay special attention to light, sound and cross-cultural themes holding over 700 events such as, live music performances, theatre performances, light shows, exhibitions, and interactive workshops in the heart of the city centre.

In addition to all the excellent events that the Night of Culture festival has in store, Copenhagen also has a number of various attractions and interesting sights situated around the city centre, for example: The Tivioli Gardens, Amalienborg Palace, The National Gallery, Kronborg Castle, and Stroget, which is the world’s longest pedestrian street, home to a wealth of shops with big international brand names like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel.

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