Access Park launches Car Parking System

Ahmedabad-based Access Park, engineering and manufacturing company, launched fully automated multilevel car parking system. The company is offering multi-level state-of-the-art automated car parking systems, and can solve car parking problems in India

Owner Mr. Mahesh Panchal said, our Car Parking Systems, one can accommodate more number of cars within the available space, when compared to conventional parking systems. The finest mechanical car parking lifts systems in the world.They said, we have manufacturing puzzle parking system, 2 level and 5 car parking solution, 3 level and 7 car parking system, 2 level above gr. + 2 PIT – 10 car parking solutions, 13 car and many more as per requirements for parking systems. It will provides solution for commercial, office and residential buildings, malls and multiplexes, hotels, hospitals, railway stations, airports and IT parks.

Our parking system can create more parking spaces with parklifts or car parking tower and various levels for parking like 2 level, 3 level, 5 cars, 7 cars, 10 cars, 13 cars etc.

Access Park, which has been in business for over 48 years and has a vast experience in manufacturing activities for engineering products. You can access our website at –

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Access Park

1 N.M. Estate N.H. Road, Kaival Kata, Rakhial

Ahmedabad – 380023

Phone: (M) +91 9426355819

Office Land Line: 079 – 22744738

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