Clip-On Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

As the darker Autumn/Winter evenings draw closer the hazard of “high intensity” headlights can make driving at night uncomfortable.

I often hear friends and colleagues complaining about the blinding light in the car rear view mirror. It can be quite a frightening experience as it can be difficult to focus for a few seconds after the bright lights dazzle on the rear view mirror.Car drivers with a standard fit auto dimming rear view mirror are protected from this issue as the mirror automatically adjusts to the lighting conditions from behind. In short you just don’t notice the glare the mirror works its magic in milli-seconds! has a solution. A retro fit Clip-On Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror that does not require any wiring and is transferable from car to car.

Based on tests the Amber/Natural mirror offers the best protection against high intensity headlights (HID).

These mirrors enhance and protect your vision in ALL driving conditions. The best bit is that you don’t notice it happening! Integrated with advanced electronic functions they adjust the mirror automatically to cut out the glare from car headlights behind you and optimise vision at all times. An added bonus is the wider field of vision.

They can be fitted in approximately 30 seconds are slim line and are designed to look just like a factory fit mirror. The batteries should last for approximately 3 years under normal driving conditions.

The mirrors are only available online and can be ordered via a secure website. Another option is to print off an order form and pay by cheque.

For further information please contact Martyn Lawrie on 07841 825140 or Please visit for more information.

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