Abbey Business Centers explain the Benefits of an Out of Town Serviced Office for SMEs

Taking serviced office space in a prime city center location does have several obvious advantages “ such as close proximity to clients and a prestigious mailing address for example.

However some companies choose to base themselves away from Central Business Districts and plump for space on business or industrial parks. Often, the overriding factor behind this decision is the lower rents.But whilst being away from “all the action” in the City Centre may seem a disadvantage to some, there are in fact numerous benefits to taking office space outside a town centre.

As mentioned previous, prices are understandably lower. Serviced office space in Theale for example can be up to £450 cheaper per month when compared to similar office space in the City of London.

Secondly, out of town business centres are normally much larger in size when compared to town centre locations. This means they can provide an even greater level of flexibility when it comes to adjusting your space requirement to reflect your changing business circumstances.

Next up is the issue of car parking. With a number of cities increasingly becoming no car zones, finding a secure and affordable parking spot is becoming ever more difficult. But with out of town business centres often possessing ample and secure on-site space for their clients to park in, such an example being our office space in Heathrow, any similar worries can soon be extinguished.

Finally there is the issue of accessibility. Whilst town center locations do benefit from excellent transport links, these networks are often gridlocked in the early mornings and evenings. You can save you and your staff the stress of such a journey every day by renting offices just outside the city – a serviced office in Weybridge for example would be perfect for those who wish to avoid the commute up the M3 into Central London every morning.

Abbey Business Centres have numerous out of town business centers that would be of benefit to many SMEs. For more information on what Abbey could do for your business, call us today on 0800 634 6346 or visit our website for our full list of UK serviced office locations.

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