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There are not many web CMS systems that are on an enterprise solution level, but still are scalable and search engine friendly, according to Nordic eMarketing web content management solutions specialists and consultants.

“Through the years we have worked with some of the largest companies and best-known brands in the world and you would be surprised on the web content management systems some of the companies are using, ranging from out of date WordPress solutions to very stale and user-unfriendly systems that do little else than collect cost and have high TCO,” says Kristjan Mar Hauksson, senior consultant and owner of Nordic eMarketing, which is an international consulting agency.He continues by adding: “We recently did an audit on a site that had been hacked and through our research we saw hundreds  of thousands of web links that were channelled through a security hole in the CMS system they were using, pushing traffic to Viagra and related sites. Companies need to be very careful when choosing a CMS solution,” he said.

Based on this, what is a good web CMS? “Well, firstly there is no one-size-fits-all and you need to plan well ahead before buying a system and ask yourself several questions, even do a simple SWOT analysis to help,” answers Kristjan Mar.

“Beside security, ease of use and scalability, are you looking for a system that has content pushing instead of pulling? How important is search engine friendliness or Multi-Lingual Support? These are several key questions that need to be answered before taking on a new system and if they are dealt with, it can make or break a good online strategy,” Kristjan Mar Hauksson explains.

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