UK Firms Look to Outsource Copywriting Work

Despite the recession it has been reported that at least one section of the business community is growing – freelance copywriters are increasingly in demand as UK businesses look to pin down sales and increase profits by outsourcing their writing requirements to professional copywriters.

This is partly due to the internet, as even the smallest firms are now finding that they need professionally written web copy to help promote their product or service. However, copywriters are also being used to produce other business literature such as press releases, brochures and flyers, as well as ghost writing articles and reports and advising on marketing strategy.“Companies are increasingly finding that they need a copywriter to produce professional and properly targeted business literature,”explains Martin Sayers of, one the UK’s top independent copywriters. “Only the biggest firms have the capacity to employ an in-house copywriter so this type of work is being outsourced to freelance copywriters. An independent, freelance copywriter has none of the overheads of the large agencies so can provide a professional and cost-effective service.”

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