Makes Halloween Nail Art a Reality for UK Nail Artists

London, UK|” October 4, 2009 ” More evidence of the ever growing UK nail art industry surfaces this week as leading online nail art supplier “Viva La Nails”unveils a new line of Halloween nail art products. In addition, the company is announcing the release of a new series of easy to follow Halloween nail art tutorials, available for free to all customers. is in the process of changing the way that nail artists and nail care professionals source their products. By creating a community of UK and European nail artists, Viva La Nails is more than just an online retailer. They are more like a university of nail art, complete with expert instruction through online tutorials and frequent customer newsletters all administered by the dean herself, Una Pecatti.Says Pecatti: “What makes ‘Viva La Nails’ different from other retailers is that it was started by a real life nail technician.”

And the special insights that come with this distinction have repeatedly enabled her with a clairvoyant awareness of what is “hot”in nail art. And for this month, Halloween nail art is unmistakably of extreme importance in the United Kingdom.

Along with an entire new line of Halloween products, “Viva La Nails” has decided to devote the newest issue of its regularly published newsletter to Halloween nail art tutorials and tips on Halloween nail art supplies.

“Most people want more than just a neutral design these days. They want their nails to reflect the seasons and the holidays,” Pecatti notes, going on to explain that in October, the UK can expect a deluge of clientele looking specifically for Halloween nail art designs. This is all in accordance with the growing trend of more integrated roles for nail art within the greater worlds of fashion and design.

In answer to this trend, “Viva La Nails”is pulling out all of the stops and making it as easy as possible for both expert and aspiring UK nail artists to provide their clients with fashionable Halloween nail art designs. This starts with a line of exclusive Halloween nail art decals depicting everything from ghosts to haunted houses, making working with Halloween nail art supplies easier than most young nail technicians might have imagined.

In addition, “Viva La Nails” is unveiling a new series of Halloween inspired nail art glitter products known as the “Neon Series.”If the Halloween season in the United Kingdom plays out as Pecatti and her team expect, neon glitter and neon super glitter are sure to be staple Halloween nail art supplies as we near the final weeks of this month.

Finally, “Viva La Nails” is putting Halloween nail art design firmly within the grasp of even the most novice of nail artists through their new series of Halloween nail art tutorials, available at no cost to all “Viva La Nails” customers. As has been their tradition, “Viva La Nails” is not simply equipping its community of UK nail arts with supplies, but also with the real world skills necessary to use these supplies in a professional nail art environment.

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