Salmon Fishing in Iceland

salmon-in-iceland1What do George Bush Sr., Bing Crosby, Prince Charles and Eric Clapton have in common?

Salmon fishing in Iceland. They all came to Iceland for salmon fishing, two of the latter on a regular basis. As of late, salmon fishing has again become quite the attraction in Iceland recently. Why? Simply because salmon is back in the rivers.

Due to over-fishing in the North Atlantic in the 20th century, the salmon had stopped making its way back home to the rivers, not only in Iceland, but also in other countries connected to the North Atlantic. An Icelander by the name of Orri Vigfússon, founded the NASF – North Atlantic Salmon Fund in 1989, with the main objective of restoring the Atlantic salmon to its natural abundance.

As a result of this 20 year-old project, the rivers in Iceland are back to life and salmon fishing has again become an affordable hobby among Icelanders and foreign visitors. The charm of fishing comes from a combination of the thrill of catching fish and being in the peaceful outdoors. No place is better than Iceland to experience both. There is a variety of excellent salmon rivers in Iceland, and the untouched nature and landscapes are breathtaking.

As for the accommodation, there are country hotels, farmhouses and cottages in all areas across Iceland, most of which are members of the Icelandic Farm Holidays. It‘s nice to come and have a good traditional meal in an Icelandic farm at the end of an eventful day of fishing or other activities and there is something soothing and relaxing about sleeping in a farm or country hotel surrounded by nothing but the peaceful nature.

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