6th annual Nordic-Baltic Choral Festival hits downtown Reykjavik

The Nordic-Baltic Choral FestivalNext year the 6th Nordic-Baltic Choral Festival will be taking place in downtown Reykjavik between the 17-22 August undoubtedly being the largest of its kind in Iceland. The annual music festival is due to take place around the same time as the Reykjavik Night of Culture and plans to be an integral part of the cities summer culture festival uniting the voices of the Nordic and the Baltic countries in harmony.

The theme of next years choral festival will be NORDIC–BALTIC, UNITED VOICES with numerious choirs from the Nordic and the Baltic countries all coming together in Iceland‘s capital city. The ambition of the festival organisers for next years event is to further develop the festival and make it bigger than ever introducing diversified workshops, ranging in size from 100-700 people and in addition hosting lunch-time and evening concerts accross various locations in the city.

The annual festival will be hosting three chamber choirs, from Denmark, Finland and Lithuania, and three Icelandic chamber choirs from different regions of the country outside of Reykjavik. A choir from the Faroe Islands and one from Greenland are also making the journey to Iceland in order to take part in the choral festival. However, the estimated number of choirs could easily reach 50 with up to 1800 people, a truly Nordic-Baltic, United Voices, and considering the amount of music that will be sung in 10 different languages, Nordic and Baltic conductors will promote great quantities of previously unknown choral works internationally.

The Committee members of the Nordic-Baltic Choral Festivals are representatives of choral associations and are actively marketing the festival to choirs and conductors in their countries. An Advisory committee consisting of Icelandic musicians with diverse choral experience is supporting the coordination committee in Iceland.

To view the electronic information booklet about next years choral festival visit the newly launched website http://choral.iii.is