Suffer from anxiety in social situations? Newly launched revolutionary programme will help.

Successful online businessman Jay Chase has written and published a landmark new programme for anyone who worries about what other people think of them and wants to banish the anxiety in social situations that is holding them back.

Jay, from Southampton, was motivated to develop the programme after suffering from panic attacks as a child “his mum said he had his first when just seven! Even as a young man at university Jay was continually worried about what other people thought of him and this affected every area of his life, particularly in social and romantic situations. Sometimes he only got through a social event with the help of several large Tequilas. “As a student at university I was getting asked to go out and party quite a bit,” says Jay. “I didn’t want to be a complete social leper so I agreed to go along. But I felt so awkward in bars, or any public situation for that matter. I felt as though people were constantly judging me and waiting for me to do something stupid.”

This though is a thing of the past as Jay has developed a series of techniques which has helped him boost his confidence and overcome his persistent anxiety problems.

“I began to develop a series of techniques and strategies that can turn ANYONE from being meek, shy and worried about what people think of them into a social powerhouse,” adds Jay. “Someone that everyone respects and wants to be like.”

Jay has devoted the past year to studying people, getting out of his comfort zone and pushing social boundaries in order to develop a set of social “weapons”that anyone can use to increase confidence, destroy the worry of what people think of them and start enjoying life to the full.

Jay says his Secret Social Weapons program is ideal for anyone who:

–  has ever been walking through the street or a crowded bar and told themselves “don’t do anything stupid like trip up now” and felt yourself worry about what could go wrong in public…?

–    has ever said something in the company of other people and immediately felt themselves go red with embarrassment?

–  has ever avoided parties because they were worried they might not impress people there enough?

–    has ever  tried using alcohol as “Dutch courage” to make themselves feel more confident when you are surrounded by other people?

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