You Have Always Had the Power to Lose Weight On Your Own!

Randy Charach has created a stress free method of achieving ultimate weight loss and control over eating.

Oct 15, 2009- The battle of the bulge continues on. And it seems that everyone is falling to temptation. The country is getting heavier by the day. New diet plans and slimming pills are springing up by the hour. A new weight loss guru is born every minute. And all this time, the power to lose weight is already in the hands of each and every person. New self-hypnosis weight loss program teaches people to use the power they already have and unleash it to melt away fat.Charach recently said in an interview, “I’ve been helping people change their lives for over 20 years! In fact, I’ve worked with guys like John Travolta, Tony Curtis, Sean Penn, and hundreds of other people.”

The Randy Charach Complete Weight Loss Program shows you the very methods some celebrities have used to change their behaviour and attitudes to food and eating so that they can look amazing in front of the cameras, achieve personal success, and excel in their careers. You too can loose weight and accomplish long lasting change in your everyday life.

What this self-hypnosis audio CD does is to help re-pattern the thoughts, attitudes and beliefs of prospects with regards to health, eating and food, to help them easily get control of their diet and lose weight permanently. This is all done whilst the person is asleep or going to sleep. There are no scare tactics and cravings diminish within the first 30 days.

This program is for anybody wishing to permanently lose weight, get fit, feel healthy and generally feel a lot better about themselves. This self-hypnosis weight loss method is a proven and affordable method for reducing your weight by controlling your attitude to food and eating

People facing the challenges of obesiti are changing the way they think about eating and food by following the CD produced by the Canadian hypnotherapist, Randy Charach.

“Don’t wait… Success is often a reward for taking action. So just choose your hypnotic cds today and then get listening to them,”said Charach

Randy Charach is America’s equivalent to Paul McKenna. He is a qualified former professional Magician, Mentalist, Hypnotherapist & Motivator. Randy has been featured on American television having worked with major corporations in the States, including Microsoft, IBM & Coca-Cola. for more information please visit:

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