With a growing demand for travel health insurance cover amongst the over 50’s, one firm has pledged to keep down the cost of cover, to keep in line with cheaper budget flights to European destinations and long-haul trips to far flung corners of the world.

Staysure keeps cost of specialist medical travel insurance downnternational travel is now accessible to more people than ever, with the introduction of budget airlines and affordable accommodation. Foreign holidays figure on most people´s summer agendas, and the increase in second home ownership, particularly in Spain and France, has resulted in growing demand for travel health insurance cover for the over-50´s, which is an area that specialises in.

Travel options today are much more varied and diverse than they were 20 years ago, and typical beach holidays are being replaced with trips to more exotic destinations.

The growing number of Brits choosing to live abroad to retire, or spending extended holidays with relations who have emigrated, has also seen an increase in the need for specialist medical travel insurance. There is also a growing trend of older travellers deciding to let their hair down, and travel to far flung destinations or take a world cruise.

Although cheaper travel and accommodation deals can be found nowadays, the older the traveller is, the more likely they will need specialist health travel insurance, and in the majority of cases will be asked to pay ridiculously high insurance premiums which can significantly bump up the price of the holiday. However, with just a little research, it is possible to find medical travel insurance that doesn´t cost the earth, and still provides essential cover. is an established UK insurance specialist, which provides the over-50´s with cost-effective and comprehensive medical travel insurance solutions. Covering clients aged between 0 and 85, but specialising in care for the over-50´s, affordable policies cover over 250 pre-existing medical ailments at no extra cost to the client. Policies are also available for travellers aged between 80 and 85, and for those suffering from more than one serious medical illness, through medical screening.

Other companies may now be waking up to the idea of providing medical travel insurance, but with specialist knowledge and vast experience of travel insurance for the over-50´s, Staysure is top of the tree when it comes to service and value for money.

For further information about Staysure´s low cost insurance products, visit, or call us on 0844 277 0844.


I was worried about travel insurance before our world trip, as my husband and I are both in our early 80´s. As my husband has a pre-existing heart condition we thought that medical travel insurance would be a problem. After one call to Staysure, our minds were put at rest. We are now fully insured for a very reasonable price, and all we have to worry about is enjoying our trip.

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