Rugged Technology for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you have a passion for the great outdoors, you have probably experienced a technology trauma at some point during your quest for adventure.  Whether you are an avid climber, hiker, cyclist, water sports enthusiast or simply dedicated to sport and activity, you will appreciate the need for high quality, durable mobile devices that can withstand the elements and endure tough conditions.

Standard mobile devices cannot stand up to extreme environments; if you’ve ever dropped your equipment from a height, had it submerged in water  or subjected it to high temperatures then this nightmare scenario will reawaken bad memories.  Outdoor enthusiasts need high performance, reliability and also security from their mobile devices; staying in contact with the rest of the world is vital, especially in remote locations and extreme weather conditions.Several specialist ruggedised devices are available for such lifestyles.  Included features make them perfect for outdoor activities as well as everyday use and many devices are waterproof, touch screen enabled, shock proof, dust proof, resistant to extreme temperatures and severe weather and can withstand being dropped.  Devices are lightweight and additional features such as built-in torchlight, compass, altimeter and pedometer make them essential equipment for outdoor aficionados.

Fused Mobility stock a wide range of these ruggedised devices that provide tough, reliable technology for adventure seekers who need their device to go wherever they do. For further information visit

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