Upgraded T1 DSP Evaluation Board

Toronto, Canada – GAO Embedded (www.GAOEmbedded.com) has rolled out its upgraded T1 DSP evaluation board. It is an ideal tool for study and experimentation and for applications such as scientific research and product development. The evaluation board is designed based on the TMS320C6713B DSP.

It offers code for testing CCS, PWM, ADC, SPI, SCI, CAN communication, FFT, DC brush/brushless motor and AC motor SPWM and SVOWM.This T1 DSP evaluation board, model DEC6713, runs at a frequency of 200MHz and operates at a maximum speed of 2400MIPS. It can be integrated in a user’s system easily and directly. The use of an independent power supply for A/D sampling significantly reduces the electro-magnetic interference (EMI) to the computing unit. The T1 DSP evaluation board includes on-board VL-Bus, data/address/control leadout wires and special function pins with leadout wires and 8 status indicating LEDS. It provides a MP3 hardware decoding chip, a 10M Ethernet interface, a USB host interface and 3.5mm audio jacks for MIC, Line-in and phone. What’s more, this evaluation supports both external shielded and unshielded interrupt inputs; it also supports any removable storage device.

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