How To Make Money From Your Blog

I know a few ways you can make money on your blog or website. First of all I recommend you install Google Analytics to keep an eye on how much traffic your receiving and where your traffic is coming from.

Now as you have probably seen on other blogs and websites the are advertising Google Adsense. It is free to use and by adding Google ads you will be displaying targeted text and ads in your feed content. The ads showing will relate to your blog/website.Once you have added Google ads it’s time to start making some money online. Bear in mind you will only get paid if someone from your blog/website clicks on one of the ads from Google adsense. So this means the more traffic you generate to your blog/website, the more money you earn from  Google adsense.

Where you place Google ads can be very important! If you want to generate the maximum clicks place Google ads where all the attention is focused. Also have a look at where the ads are placed on the other pages on your blog/website.

Advertising affiliate programs is another way of earning even more money on your blog/website.

Affiliate advertising is a little different to Google adsense as you are only advertising one link not loads.

The more traffic you send the better as some affiliates don’t pay for every click. Some only pay if they buy a product or signing up to there site. Only advertise related affiliate programs on your site and don’t forget how important it is placing your affiliate ads. Sign your site to a few affiliate programs and get advertising.

Keep an eye on your earnings by using Google Analytics and keeping an eye on your affiliate accounts.

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