Numerous studies prove parental involvement key to child’s educational success

Becta - Next Generation LearningIt has been proved in numerous studies that parental involvement is key to a child’s educational success but it seems that many parents aren’t aware of just how important their role is. According to a report commissioned by Becta into parent teacher relationships just fifty-nine percent of parents admit to being in contact with their child’s school once a term or less. However, more than 22 percent of this number claims not to see the benefit of being in regular contact with their child’s school.

The majority (67 percent) of school staff questioned said that these parents simply do not realise how important parental support is to a child’s development. Forty-two percent of teaching staff said they feel these ‘invisible’ parents lack the confidence to approach them to discuss their child and forty-three percent even admit that parents might find them ‘difficult to approach sometimes’.

Becta state there are many other reasons that some parents stay in the background – a significant proportion of parents feel they are dismissed by teachers as a ‘worrier’ with many others feeling that they are ‘imposing on the teacher’s time’ whenever they get in contact. Some parents are worried about bothering teachers and a quarter of them say they don’t want to add to the teacher’s workload – resulting in many taking a back seat in their child’s education.

A large number of teachers believe the reason some parents are not in regular contact with them is because they think their job stops at the school gates. This is reflected by some parents who say they rarely get in touch with their child’s school because they believe teachers should be in charge of their child’s education, not them.

It is also apparent that some school staff think time is a key factor in some parents’ disconnection – the majority felt that parents were just too busy to engage with their child’s school. However, just a small percentage of parents say the reason they don’t get in touch regularly is because they struggle to find time, suggesting that there are other factors behind the lack of communication.

Becta is the government agency aiming to advertise and implement the productive and innovative use of technology throughout the teaching and learning process. The Schools & Parents: A New Partnership report is part of the ‘Next Generation Learning’ campaign, which encourages parents to contact their child’s school in order to establish how and if technology is already being used, and how it can improve communications between you and your child’s school in future.

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