Lobster lovers flock to East Iceland for lobster/langoustine festival

Humarhofnin - IcelandEvery year since 1993, the locals of Hofn in Hornafjordur, a small fishing town located at the border of Vatnajokull National Park in the East of Iceland, have celebrated the lobster/langoustine festival. Organisations, companies, individuals, restaurants and shops all join forces annually to make the festival an unforgettable event.

Being a nation of fishermen and farmers, food has always been important to Icelanders and when it comes to food, Iceland undoubtedly has a lot to offer. The clean environment and unpolluted waters produce excellent quality and Icelandic seafood is known throughout the world for its freshness and delicious taste.

Hofn in Hornafjordur in the East of Iceland is famous for its fresh, tasty lobster and tourists flock there every summer for the annual lobster/langoustine festival, which takes place the first weekend in July. All the restaurants in the small fishing town serve gourmet lobster/langoustine dishes and street vendors sell all kinds of small takeaway treats to be enjoyed while walking or sitting by the waterfront.

Lobster/langoustine has always been of great importance for the population in Hofn and the town is often referred to as the lobster/langoustine capital of the north. Gastronomy dishes such as whole langoustine are also a permanent course in some restaurants in Iceland, for example the restaurant Humarhofnin also located in the Hofn.

Humarhofnin specialises in how to cook the small Icelandic lobster/langoustine (Nephros norwegicus), which is considerably smaller than the Maine lobster but has a very delicious and sweet taste. All the locals and everyone who visits the restaurant love the grilled lobster and the delicious sauces, butter, garlic and fresh bread served with it.

“ The lobster was buttery and garlicy and the sauces were divine. Delicious! The service was exceptional, probably the best service we had anywhere in Iceland. We were greeted the minute we walked in the door and seated almost immediately though we had no reservation.”

With the biggest National Park in Europe situated close by, a lobster dinner at the restaurant Humarhofnin in the small fishing town of Hofn would be without a doubt the perfect ending to a beautiful day.

To view the delicious menu or for more information on Humarhofnin restaurant check out www.humarhofnin.is