Ringcentral and google voice comparison of call management

Under the category of call management the call forwarding is an extremely a very significant feature for a phone service.

Ring central and Google voice provides you with a single number to stay connected with all other lines and it probably come with a call management system which makes it possible for you to manage all your calls in an organized and a systematic manner.  To make your selection easier between them a complete explanation of their services are explained below:Google voice:

-Phone switching:This feature helps you in switching your calls to your cell phone without the knowledge of the person you talking to. This is very helpful when you need to leave from the place and also talk to the person over the phone<

-Caller ID-based call forwarding: You be able to set up that which of your phones must ring on the basis of whose calling you.

-Call waiting: Any phone number that you are presently using for your Google Voice number is without human intervention set with call waiting, so that your associates and relatives do not get a busy indicator when trying to contact you.

-Caller groups:You can group your associates and have exclusive settings for every of your groups. For instance, all contacts under the group “family unit” are mechanically rings on your mobile phone.

-With RingCentral <b><a href=”http://www.ringcentral.com/business-toll-free.html”>business phone numbers</a></b> you can answer calls to one of your number from any of the specified business numbers through call divert. This allows your customers to reach your wherever your business phones are. You can also customize the settings in your RingCentral online account to divert calls at specific rings. Thereby incoming calls will be diverted to the next business number after the elapse of the number of rings you have specified in your account.</p>

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-RingCentral allows you to supersede all the business numbers connected to a call and send calls to a single number of your wish. This feature can be activated just by logging into your RingCentral online. This feature is a blessing if you are on a business trip or out of office.

-Unique answering rules:

-You be capable of setting special ways of how calls are routed and answered. Merge answering rules and place them according to date, time, caller ID and number dialed. Associated phone numbers:  You be able to have the facility of forwarding your calls up to 10 numbers. From your RingCentral online account, you be able to set how your phones are use each time when there is incoming call. You can include your phones ring at the same time or in a certain order pending till the call lastly reaches you.

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