Self-Catering Accommodation Website Goes Backwards for Children in Need 2009

Each year the team at without fail do something for Children in Need and often will raise around £300 from the generosity of management, staff and members of the public.

Previous events for Children in Need have included a charity shop run where each member of staff had £5 to buy a complete outfit from all the charity shops in the high street within 15 minutes. They then had to wear it to work the next day, along with bringing in homemade cakes to go around to the other businesses in the vicinity and sell and raise lots of money. This year the team is going to be coming into the office with their clothes on back to front! In fact, everything should be back to front, such as shoes, makeup, hair, everything! This is sure to cause some hilarious laughs and hopefully encourage everybody to give generously this year and raise even more money for Children in Need. Of course, bringing in homemade cakes will also feature highly in the day! The team hope to beat their previous amounts raised last year and in the years before and have the best year ever!

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