Incandescence Dreams are real as long as they exist

“Incandescence” is a collaborative installation by video artists Sam Sutcliffe and Marlon Diamond. Using video, audio and photography the exhibition examines the aspirational side of human behaviour.  The installation does not limit itself to age, race or gender.

Everyone’s contribution is unique and valid, we all dream and aspire whether attainable or not.  Human aspirations are a vague, fantastical, ambivalent and dream-like facet of identity yet are a very true part of peoples’ personalities. “Incandescence” will question what it is that drives us to aspire and how do social constraints affect this very human phenomenon?The conception of an idea is always a symbiotic relationship between artist and viewer.  Through anonymous contributions “Incandescence” hopes to explore identity, showing a pure yet ambiguous facet of who people are without limitations; not all they are but who they essentially are in themselves without external input. By using anonymous contributors “Incandescence” also is an attempt to explore identity without the preconceptions that come when first seeing or meeting a person, identity at its purest and most unaffected. Even if we consider ourselves to be non-judgemental we still subconsciously create preconceptions in our mind when we first watch something or meet someone.

Both artists are currently studying at the London College for Music & Media.  This is their first exhibition and hope to create an experience which all can interact with and internally react to. Furthermore the artists wish to encourage the audience to contribute to the exhibition so that the concept can continue to grow, creating a piece which is both public yet personal, representing everybody, but nobody.

Exhibition runs from:          Monday 4th of January 2010 – Tuesday 5th January 2010

Gallery Opening Hours:          Mon, Tues: 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Last day of Exhibition:        Tuesday 5th of December: 11.00am to 5.00pm

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