Jefferson County ranks Astroved second on web-traffic

Astroved is one of the world’s leading portals on Vedic Astrology. It is extremely popular amongst a large segment of Western and Indian subscribers who repose faith in its team of professional and dedicated astrologers and siddhas.

Astroved offers astrological remedies to any individual who strives for a happy life in this world amidst the stresses and pressures of everyday living. We pride ourselves helping people find perspectives in life through better finances, enriching relationships, better career, spirituality, health, family, travel and other personal problems. We were certainly pleased if not surprised when ranked us second in its list of top websites in its first ever survey for the month of July, 2009.  The Jefferson County of Iowa comes with a lot of credibility and no other county has a greater online per capita than Fairfield. We are truly honored to feature in their list.

This ranking is complied on parameters of traffic, page views, ranked by age, and website grade by That Astroved has featured in the top two in a distant Fairfield is an indication of importance to Astrology and high quality of products that we offer.

Ms. Jyoti, Director was visibly excited,” This is just the start and we shall soon be ranked by Google too”.

Astroved uses technology extensively to reach more people on the globe so that as many people have access to Vedic astrology. We believe that karma reduction and exhaustion is the only way to reduce karmic debts for a happier and fulfilling life on earth. The stars, planets, zodiac all influence our course of events and by timely propitiation one can reduce the malefic effects that drag an individual down or enhance the beneficial aspect so that the good times continue. In a more and more uncertain and chaotic world, the wisdom of Vedic knowledge is even relevant for the whole of humanity.

Mr. Rajkumar Ganapathy, the IT manager said,” Vedic astrology is for all of humanity and we are thrilled that Fairfield denizens ranked us so high. I am sure that with Siva Baba’s blessings, there will be more happiness and togetherness in the family and the world a better place”.

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