Online Reporting to help you track your child’s educational development

Becta - Online ReportingA survey commissioned by Becta into parent teacher relationships shows that eighty-two percent of parents admit they don’t know as much about their child’s day at school as they want to. However, via Online Reporting you can have access to information and advice from a variety of sources which helps you support the development and well-being of your child. By keeping you informed on your child’s progress, communication can be more focused, having more impact and positively benefitting your child.

Online Reporting is the innovative use of media and communication technologies such as email, blogs, websites and text alerts in order to keep parents better informed about their child’s achievements, progress, behaviour and attendance.

The Becta report reveals that your involvement with your child’s education is proven to have a positive impact on their achievement. Therefore, it is important for teachers and schools to consult you on how you would like to be kept informed on the progress of your child. With such a vast array of communication tools such as emails, text alerts and blogs, it is crucial that schools provide the proper support and training to ensure that what is communicated is timely and meaningful.

Websites are some of the most effective communication tools as they are easily accessible for both schools and parents. The use of a school website would allow you access to regular updates on your child’s school life from timetables, to school trips, sharing photos and learning tools. A school website can both support you as a parent and immerse you in school life.

The report also reveals that an email facility would aid communication a lot and regular email updates from the school would help you get more involved. However, consider the most time-efficient ways to communicate for example, rather than sending lots of emails asking for different updates, why not first check the school’s website or online reporting facility to see if the information you’re looking for is already available?

Talk to your child’s school and find out what technologies they are currently using for communication with parents – you might find there are new ways of getting updates which you didn’t know were available and learn more about how to get the most out of your after-school conversations.

Becta is the government agency aiming to advertise and implement the productive and innovative use of technology throughout the teaching and learning process. The Schools & Parents: A New Partnership report is part of the ‘Next Generation Learning’ campaign, which encourages parents to contact their child’s school in order to establish how and if technology is already being used, and how it can improve communications between you and your child’s school in future.

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