Fashionable Fillies From The Horse Diva

With the success of Garden Divas, a second business branch gallops to the forefront in the form of The Horse Diva.  Having experienced the online retail world, fuelling the growth of the popular gardening outlet, Katie Brown takes her talent a step further in the launch of her own website,

Combining her passion for all things equine, her natural business skills and her love for the catwalk, Katie has created The Horse Diva, an online boutique providing fashionable presents for fillies.  Catering for the equestrian gift market, Katie ensures all products selections are colour coordinated, modern and innovative.  Removing the scary equine terminology, Katie provides an online shop for those baffled by the horse world looking for ideas for their horsey loved ones.  The Horse Diva’s bright and quirky appeal is perfect for the fun and funky filly of any age that happily hacks, competes and truly loves their four legged fri end!  Signature items from the range include the humorous Stubborn Mule Office Set with the captionI’s not just mules that are stubborn, the Tally Ho Dodo Equine Organiser and Horse Wash Tin including a cute horse shaped soap.  As The Horse Diva canters towards a bright and beautiful Christmas, all equi-divas should look forward to some stable style in their stocking this year!  So why not join in and put the fun and fashion back into your yard this festive time?

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