Optical Light Source Providing Two to Four Output Wavelengths

Toronto, Canada – GAO Fiber Optics (www.GAOFiberOptics.com) presents its reliable handheld optical light source as an ideal solution forfiber the testing of fiber optic networks. It has already been widely applied to the maintenance of telecommunication networks, CATV systems, fiber optic test labs, and generic cabling systems (GCS).

The compact light source is suitable for simulating various conditions in the manufacture, testing and maintenance of passive optical components.
This optical light source, model LP-226, provides two to four output wavelengths at a and highly stable output power with an output stability of ±0.05dB/15mins and ±0.1dB/8 hours. The output wavelengths of the light source is are 650nm red source, 1310/1550nm wavelength for the single mode fiber and 850/1300nm wavelength for multimode fiber. It The compact light source features a PF-LD emitter and offers adjustable modulation frequencies including CW, 270Hz, 1kHz and 2kHz. It is equipped with an FC/PC connector and offers FC, SC and ST connectors as an option. In addition, in conjunction with GAO Fiber Optics’ handheld power meter Model LP-216, it makes an ideal testing pair for fiber optic projects.

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