Atlona Technologies officially releases new 6.1 and 7.1 Speaker Distribution Wall Plates with HDMI Inputs

Atlona Technologies adds to their extensive HDMI Wall Plate Series releasing the 6.1 and 7.1 Speaker Distribution Wall Plates with HDMI Inputs

Atlona Technologies, solutions based manufacturer of Audio Video accessories, has been constantly expanding their vast product line to not only create ease of use, but also fair and economical pricing.  One such product line has been their cost effective wall plate series commercial, industrial and residential installation.  The newest such products to be introduced are their new Speaker Wall Plates supporting HDMI Inputs, the AT-8012HD and the AT-8014HD.Atlona’s AT-80120HD is a 6.1 Speaker Wall Plate with dual HDMI, designed to accommodate any application involving six speakers, one subwoofer and 2 x HDMI inputs/outputs. The AT-80140HD is a 7.1 Speaker Wall Plate with HDMI, designed for users who want to have one central location for all the speaker and HDMI wires. This 7.1 Speaker wall plate is designed for applications involving seven speakers, one subwoofer and 1 x HDMI inputs/outputs. The speaker, HDMI and RCA connectors for these units are featured with Heavy-Duty 24k Gold plated Connectors which are designed to resist corrosion and to provide the best possible connection. Along with the binding posts being designed to accommodate both bare wire and banana plugs, the available HDMI ports will allow the HD signal to be sent with unlimited resolutions.

With quick and easy installation, these Speaker wall plates with HDMI inputs are perfect for any application looking to efficiently run audio with HDMI signal great distances, and are officially available with the following affordable MSRPs

AT-80120HD  (6.1): $49.99

AT-80140HD  (7.1): $59.99