Portable PON Power Meter Covers Three Wavelengths

Toronto, Canada – GAO Tek Inc. (www.GAOTek.com) has rolled out its PON power meter intended for the construction and maintenance of PON networks connected between OLT and ONT.

This portable meter measures and displays voice, data and video signal synchronously. It calibrates the wavelength through management software. The portable power meter tests PON networks on three standard wavelengths including 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm, including 1490nm, 1550nm and 1310nm; it conducts burst mode signal testing at 1310nm wavelength.The PON power meter, model 805, features auto backlight shut-off, real-time display and a rugged and waterproof design. This meter is powered by a 2800mA rechargeable Lithium battery. It saves 1000 records and uploads them to the management software. The PON tester offers 10 groups of threshold values for selection; the threshold value can be set according to specific requirements. The data is protected to ensure the authenticity of the test results.

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