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Gifting has been one of the most important functions of the human beings since time immemorial. Gifting someone gifts signifies the love, respect and feelings you have for the other person.

Gifts instantly brighten up the mood and prep up the celebrations. Times have changed and people stay far and wide apart from their loved ones owing to work pressure. But human-bonding should not be the casualty and so has introduced online gifting services to India.There are a considerable number of Indians staying abroad. Deciding what to send as gifts to their loved ones is a cumbersome and complicated process owing to varying currencies across the world. Today currency is not just simple paper notes, but it has assumed a much broader global significance. Online transactions in the modern times include plastic currencies like credit and debit cards and other payment systems like paypal and google checkout. Online shopping is largely dependent on these modes of payment. The option of online payment through multiple options makes the whole experience of shopping over the internet more enjoyable. Users can avail the services at their own ease and pay just the way they like.

Through users can send enormous gifts to India on any occasion like Birthdays, Anniversaries and festivals including Diwali, Rakshabandhan, Eid, Holi. Assortment of gifts include chocolates, flowers, cakes, apparels, perfumes, serenades etc. There are different currency options to serve the customers who are widespread in different parts of the world. For sending gifts, cakes, flowers, etc to their loved ones in India, customers can choose from a wide range of currency options for the payment.The CEO of the company, Mr. Amit Desai says, “The Service will ensure hassle-free transaction for Indians across the world. So, feel free to send gifts to India.”

We accept the following currencies – USD, GBP, Australian Dollar and Singapore Dollar. To pay in any of the currency, the customer needs to select Paypal as the payment option. Payment can be made in Indian Rupees by paying through international credit cards like Visa, Master card, American Express, Discover, Dinner’s Club, Citibank E-cards and all Indian bank’s fund transfer. Once the whole process of payment is completed, a confirmation message is send to the customers and an email is sent to the customer’s email id which contains the details of the orders.

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