Sushi on the rise in Reykjavik’s fresh fish restaurants

DomoIceland has depended on the fishing industry and is renowned for it’s seafood and fresh fish. The island has always experimented with different processes of serving and cooking its fish – whether it being eaten fresh, preserved using salt, fermented or smoked. Today, sushi is becoming exceedingly more popular throughout Europe, and seeing as Iceland is no stranger to raw fish, popularity has grown there also.

Top Icelandic sushi restaurant Domo, nicknamed the “kitchen without boundaries”, is one of Reykjavik’s best fresh fish restaurants serving an array of pure Icelandic sushi, depending on the catch of the day. Since opening its doors in 2006, Domo has gained popularity amongst both locals and food critics for its expertise and pleasant dinning environment. Domo was even ranked in online magazine’s ‘Go List’ as one of the top European restaurants to dine during 2008.

Domo also serves its famous Asian/French a la carte menu for those seeking a colourful yet timeless dish, as well as an incredible selection of wines, sake and whiskey.

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