Technology can help parental involvement and communication with your child’s school

Becta - Next Generation LearningAccording to a recent report into parent teacher relationships by Becta, over a third (37 percent) of teachers would like to advice parents on how they can communicate more effectively. With the majority of schools now using various technologies including a school website, emails, text messaging and learning platforms schools and teachers need to offer training to help you and your child use these technologies effectively. This will then help the school establish what is best for you and your child allowing more parental involvement and consequently benefitting your child’s educational development.

The Becta report reveals that forty-eight percent of teachers believe that while parents are a great source of support, they dont always know the best ways to get involved with their child’s education. Forty percent of parents say they think technology could help, however they don’t fully understand the ways in which they can use it. Consequently schools need to review how they currently communicate different types of information with parents by consulting with the parents themselves and establishing whether their current form of communication is suitable.

Becta is the government agency aiming to advertise and implement the productive and innovative use of technology throughout the teaching and learning process. The Schools & Parents: A New Partnership report is part of the ‘Next Generation Learning’ campaign, which encourages the move towards online reporting by using an integrated range of technologies helping parents engage with their child’s learning.

The vast majority (89 percent) of parents say technology could play a more powerful role in their child’s education if they better understood how to use it. Schools and teachers need to talk to parents early on and consider what you as a parent expect from the school in terms of communication. However, schools are likely to be at different stages along the journey toward using technology for communicating with you. You need to ask your child’s school questions, for example: how do you plan to use technology to communicate with parents? do you need parents to help you pilot such schemes? will you give us any training on technology?

Learning Platforms or access through a portal to MIS (Management Information System) data with secure log in access should make information more available to you. Email and text messaging could also be used by schools to contact and keep you informed on your child’s sickness, school closure and other information that may be important to inform you about as soon as possible.

The use of technology such as school websites, downloadable newsletters or a subscription service can provide updated information about school life and events, like school term times and parent consultation evenings.

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