We Accept Pets Continues To Expand as the Brand Begins to Grow

WeAcceptPets.co.uk is only two months old but already the company has found that they need to expand their sales force in order to cope with demand.

The website advertises properties that accept all types of pets ranging from horses to dogs to other small animals, and as it is aimed as a niche market the demand has been very high and the website is already receiving 120 unique visitors per day. The current team have expanded their sales force by a further 2 people to shoulder the demand for advertising of pet-friendly properties and to also pass on the benefits of their website being on page 1 of Google to lots of accommodation owners. The site is very user-friendly and simple to use which is what customers have been commenting on the most. It also utilises the latest technology enabling visitors to smoothly search for exactly what they are looking for.

The We Accept Pets team hopes to continue their expansion plans in the future to build up a good sized team and keep the momentum of success going!

We Accept Pets is a directory of pet-friendly accommodation throughout the UK & Ireland. You can view the site at www.weacceptpets.co.uk

Sender Name:                    Kelly Mitchell

Sender E-mail:                  marketing@weacceptpets.co.uk