Teknomek use Internet marketing techniques to create website presence

TeknomekCurrently, the Internet is an invaluable marketing tool, as most business-to-business enquires start via the web. Businesses are now searching for new marketing techniques to attract customer attention towards a website or online retailer – one technique being search engine optimization (SEO).

British company Teknomek, are a prime example of grasping the capability of the Internet. The producers of hygienic pharmaceutical furniture have expanded the amount of traffic to their website by just under a quarter since its renovation in September.

Teknomek engaged a local web designer to construct a new website, followed by a search engine optimisation agency to help develop the company’s web presence, without touching the basic web design. However, they soon found out that unless the platform technology was capable of supporting SEO, the results would be disappointing. Teknomek were then faced with the option of either sticking with the current website or to find a new web platform that would increase their web presence.

In the end, Teknomek decided to replace its recently developed website for a Content Management System (CMS) that could support the SEO program easier. “In order to minimise the disruption to our customers, we left the basic look the same, but underneath was a state of the art CMS that gave us all the flexibility we needed.” Lucy Cook, head of marketing at Teknomek, explained.

To view Teknomek’s newly designed SEO friendly website visit www.teknomek.co.uk/