MindDecider December updates

MindX2 LLC is happy to announce a new version of MindDecider software – 9.12.16!  Released in 16th of December, updated package features 2 profound tools for decision analysis: Spreadsheet and Timesheet panels.

– Spreadsheet mode: allows to view the project in a table form where rows represent items and columns ‘“ their attributes. 2 basic views display table data either as a non-structured list or a hierarchical structure of items. Editing options“ direct input into cells, ascending and descending sorting by any attribute, moving and expanding columns, synchronization with general Map window, etc.– Timesheet mode: designed to provide easier navigation and direct editing of timeline parameters – start/end time, durations, etc.

Beside this, we have added reminder (alarm) option into the time planning part of MindDecider and significantly revised User’s Help.

Download MindDecider v. 9.12.16 from here: http://www.minddecider.com/Downloads.htm

If you are a registered user, just reinstall MindDecider and use the key provided earlier.

If you still have not purchased/registered MindDecider, you have 2 weeks of unique discounted pricing for basic MindDecider ($99) and corporate MindDecider Pro ($399). Take your chance to get an extremely powerful decision analysis and project management tool for a very pleasant price – the discounts are only in December, 2009!

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