New galleries open with a series of interactive displays supported by The Bonita Trus

Throughout the V&A’s ten new Medieval & Renaissance Galleries there are a series of interactive touch screens which allow the visitor to explore objects in more detail. Pages from Leonardo’s famous Codex Forster have been digitised for the first time allowing visitors to zoom in and turn the pages of his intricate notebooks and one of the magnificent Devonshire Hunting Tapestries has also been digitized examining medieval courtly life.

Short films explain the context in which objects were created such as Donatello’s celebrated Ascension relief and audio points play specially commissioned music from the periodThe interactive displays are all available in the galleries and on the V&A’s website: and can be accessed from computer terminals in the specially created Bonita Trust Study Area

The interactive displays and study area have been made possible with generous funding from the Bonita Trust. First member of the Bonita Trust Advisory Board, Ruth Parasol DeLeon, said:”We are delighted to have supported the V&A’s new galleries in this way. The leveraging of technology to better inform and educate is at the core of our purpose; the interactives provide a deeper understanding of many of the magnificent objects on display, examining their original context and use, bringing them alive for a new generation.

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