Parents and teachers experience benefits of online reporting at Becta workshop

Becta - Next Generation LearningOakington Manor School in North London recently hosted a ‘Show & Tell’ event organised by the government agency Becta. The event enabled parents, teachers and bloggers to come and experience the benefits of online reporting in Oakington Manor’s state-of-the-art ICT suite, equipped with interactive white boards and the latest 3D learning technology. The North London school was the chosen location due to its innovational learning techniques by making technology an integral part of pupils’ education and also making it central to the way parents can communicate with the school.

Becta is the government agency aiming to advertise and implement the productive and innovative use of technology throughout the teaching and learning process. They recently released the Schools & Parents: A New Partnership report as part of the ‘Next Generation Learning’ campaign, which encourages parents to contact their child’s school in order to establish how and if technology is already being used, and how it can improve communications between them and their child’s school in future.

The ‘Show & Tell’ event began with a presentation of the school’s powerful learning technology but then the discussion moved on to the real focus of the event – online reporting. Oakington Manor’s comprehensive information-packed learning platform is a one-stop-shop for parents to stay in touch and up to date on school news, activities and more importantly, their children’s learning.

The aim of the event was to support and raise awareness of the benefits of online reporting technology in education, particularly in terms of enabling better communication between parents and schools. Head of ICT, Ophelia Vanderpuye, demonstrated the online reporting technology that is revolutionising the way parents communicate with the school and keeping track of their children’s learning. From interactive forums to a dedicated section where parents can ‘Meet the Teachers’ – the online reporting platform provides accessible information to parents all from one central online hub.

A tour of the dedicated online platform ‘Parents Room’ gave parents and bloggers the opportunity to see the online tools available that enable parents to communicate directly with the school and with other parents. These tools included discussion forums, the ability to vote on topical issues like school uniform and homework, and easy one click access to important school information.

Technology is making end of term education reports and parents’ evenings more useful too by enabling parents to become more involved in their child’s education and teachers to update parents with in-school activity.

Show & Tell: Parents as Partners

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